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MH370 Update—Multinational Search Effort Continues

7 August 2014

The multinational search effort for MH370 is making good progress with the mapping of over 43,000 square kilometres of the high priority search area to date, in preparation for the commencement of the deep-water search in September.

Yesterday, the Deputy Prime Minister announced on behalf of Australia, Malaysia and China, that the underwater search would be conducted by Fugro Survey Pty Ltd.

Two ships, Zhu Kezhen and Fugro Equator, continue to work in the southern Indian Ocean, surveying the sea floor in preparation for the deep-sea search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

The Fugro Equator and the Zhu Kezhen are supported by two ships, including the Chinese Maritime Safety Administration patrol vessel Haixun 01 and Malaysian naval vessel Bunga Mas 6.

In addition, the Malaysian survey vessel KD MUTIARA is en route to Western Australia from Lumut, Malaysia to assist in the bathymetric survey work and should arrive later this month.

The bathymetric survey of the high priority area is expected to be completed by September.

A recent map of the bathymetric survey can be found on the Joint Agency Coordination Centre (JACC) webpage at www.jacc.gov.au/media/maps/index.aspx