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Search and recovery for Malaysian flight MH370

Media Release
2 April 2014—pm

On April 2, 10 aircraft and nine ships searched an area of about 237,000 square kilometres, about 1500kms west north-west of Perth.

There were no sightings reported of any objects related to the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

Weather in the search area was fair, with visibility of approximately 10 kilometres.

Australia welcomes the United Kingdom joining the search. Royal Navy submarine HMS Tireless has been tasked to assist in the search for flight MH370 as part of the international effort.

HMS Tireless, a Trafalgar Class submarine, has arrived in the southern Indian Ocean to assist with the search.

With her advanced underwater search capability, HMS Tireless will be a valuable contribution to the search for the missing plane.

Additionally, HMS Echo is in the search area to assist in efforts to locate the transponder on the black box.

She will also play an important role in the search for debris on the ocean surface and her advanced environmental assessment capability will help to optimise search operations.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau continues to refine the area where the aircraft entered the water based on continuing ground-breaking and multi-disciplinary technical analysis of satellite communication and aircraft performance, passed from the international air crash investigative team comprising analysts from Malaysia, the United States, the UK, China and Australia.